Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault App Reviews

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Great App

Works perfect

great just a few details

overall I love this app! it keeps all my pictures stored so nobody will even detect a calculator as a hiding spot. one thing is, you should add into the app like multiplication,division, ect… like say my password is 2078 and someone types that in all the sudden they can see all my stuff. like the odds of someone typing in 2078+123 is less than 2078 know what I mean? but I do love this app don't get me wrong!

My opinion

It’s awesome to use


Is their anyway to get pictures back on the app after u delete the whole app

Just Awesome

Well done guys!


Amazing app! Works great!


I love this cuz I can actually hide my photos forever!!Wow!!Best App ever!!


Great app. Good place to store pix that have special meaning!

This app is awesome

This app is great for storing important pics or screenshots to go back to quickly without going thru thousands of photos in the library.

This app Kicks BUTT!!!

Awesome buy it😎


افضل برنامج لخفي الصورة والفيديوهات 👌🏾 The best program hides the studio


Loved it

La amo

Me encanta

Gifs don’t play

Was hoping to use this to be able to download some “fun” gifs, but I tried a few and none will play. Play button does nothing - it’s just a still frame.


The best app on the market


We all know what it means with top secret

Video is not supported

This app is only useful for photos. It will save videos but won’t play them or let you transfer your video to anywhere else. Once you transfer your video, forget about it. Sharing options doesn’t function. Bugs in e-mailing op. Needs a update


It's really awesome and it's fun to have my camera cleared but I know that all of my pictures are safe.


It’s a good app but don’t like that they charge you to send photo (share etc) even if you don’t want it in a cloud.


Really easy to use and keeps all unauthorized people out off you photos and all the drama that is related to that.

Calculator app

Works like it should Great app

It aii

It's aii


Awesome because it really helps with math so I don't have to work it out on paper and in my head so basically it's not called cheating it called technology help/tutoring.thankeyou and That is my report on what I think about this app

I like


Great app

So much better and easier than other apps which usually don’t do vids also. Love this app everything is user friendly.

Not have ability to export.

You have to pay if you want to get it back.

Purchased full version

After I realized my videos would not play at all on the app I decided to buy the full version so I could transfer everything back into my phone but everything transferred except the videos!!! now I completely lost them this needs to be fixed.


I love this! It’s easy to use and super safe! Me being the sneaky guy I am depend on app like these but not that I purchased this one, I don't need all the other ones! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the absence of ads!😩👏🏽

My new best friend

Works like a charm

Can't restore pics to phone

Unless you purchase the upgrade you can not restore pics to phone, print or send them. I needed screenshots for court and had to upgrade to use them.


This app is like so cool how you can hide photos or something.

This app is so clutch

I love this app. Very clever and it gives you the extra privacy you need


Best hidden app


I made a passcode 0147 and now it has locked me out of 100 photos that I had in there that I deleted from my camera roll and I can’t get. It would really be great if you could help me reset it and get me back in😡😡😡☺️

I like it.

This works very well.


Gr8 B8 M8 I R8 8 out of 8


Cool app

Not accepting password

Can't access the app because it's not accepting my passcode that never changed. Is this a bug? Anyway to reset my password?


This is the best app ever made it is so secret no one will ever find out


Well, I wish progress . 👍


I love the app but didn’t use it for a week or two and forgot the password. Does any one know how to reset ??

I lost most of my pics

It worked the first few times but then when I put in my password t wouldn’t give me my pics

Great Calculator

Love the app! It's so easy to use and works well with most all math equations


Forgot my code to login...How do I reset my password?

Very convenient app

Works grate and easy to transfer photos! 5 stars!

Videos don’t load

I think it’s a great app with all the secrecy going on but I’ve got a massive problem and it’s that the videos I imported onto the app wouldn’t play at all I kept pressing the play button put it just wouldn’t start playing and I thought I could fix this to upgrading to pro and I did but when I tried emailing it to myself as soon as I touched the email button it would exit the application this is really frustrating and I hope someone can help me out or do something about it



Will force you to buy it if you want your pics back

Not as advertised, as I put in the title this app will force you to buy the pro version if you ever want to restore your pictures and videos. I only needed this while traveling but not anymore, don’t think it’s fair I have to pay $4 to get my stuff back.

Zero Cool. The name says it all.

Their apps works great until the developer stops upgrading it and then you can’t access your photos! Then they don’t ever bother to email you back! Wish I could give less than one star rating.

Cool app

This app is cool and all but I don't like that it doesn't have a function that shows who tried to get into you pictures

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